Merlin's Premier League 2015/16


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I have just opened one full box .
I got the same packet 3(!) times.
At least it had three star players in it.
In total I got 27,5 % doubles- which is quite a lot .
I got 4 out of 5 available intro stickers.
I got 13 out of 20 badges- some double- one even twice .
Two teams I nearly completed while others I only got 3 stickers out of 21.

Very uncommon sorting .

By the way check out my blog article.

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God, the stickers look horrible IMO. Get rid of that massive Topps logo! I loved the "heat map" concept too, then I looked closer and saw that they were not true heat maps, but fake ones based on position. Terrible. How hard would it be for Topps/Merlin and the self-proclaimed "greatest league in the world" to step it up and collaborate with Opta to generate the true positional heat maps for each player. That would be truly awesome and innovative. Will not be buying this one anytime soon but thanks for the pics guys.

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