Merlin Italia 90


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I miss the Merlin Italia 90 World Cup sticker album here. It is a uncommon album, at least for 1990. The stickers are much wider than "normal" Football stickers. The number of the sticker is not on the backside, its on the frontside. On the frontside there is a fictitious transfer value too. It´s for a game in the album. You can later use the used backsides as money to buy players. Unnecessary nonsense i mean. :)
But in general it's a nice sticker album.

Sides: 64
Stickers: 344
Shinys: Team flags (World Cup trophy next to the national flag)
Especially: Transfer game inside (playable with the stickers and the backsides) and stickers with the name of teams to cut into pieces (for use in the result table in the middle of the album)


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