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I am waving in the web and i received a very bad new. Johan Cryuff is dead by lung cancer...Many of us will remember him as player or FC Barcelona fans as coach and his philosophy...
RIP Cruyff and thank you for all!
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Damn :( I criticized him a lot in the past for many of his declarations, but never thought he was so badly ill... There goes another legend.

I'm not the religious type and this may sound cheesy, but maybe he's now playing once again somewhere else, probably with Eusébio :)


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What a sad day. :(

I remember in 1974 we took a trip from England to Germany to visit me dad's cousin in Nurnberg.

The World Cup was on. My dad's cousin had the telly on while Holland were playing.

He said "kidda keep watching #14 for the Orange team, he is special"

True to his word, CRUYFF was magical. I was only 5 but till today I remember the day I watched him play on TV & still today I love watching the ORANJE and own a couple of Holland shirts although I have 0 Dutch blood in my veins.

Quote below was after we beat AC Milan in Istanbul.


RIP 14
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RIP Johan Cruyff :(
I think that this should be all his "official" stickers. I think that Holland first album was in 1969/70. Then we have Barcelona and WC 1974. There is also a sticker from some spain album (i think) as player of Washington Diplomats. Later he come back to Ajax and played there from 1981 to 1983 (no sticker) and last season of senior career was in Feyenoord (no sticker). He coached Ajax and Barcelona. There are all stickers as Barca manager but not shure is there any as Ajax coach from Voetbal albums. If somebody can help please help. :)

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