Match Of Day Mag back to it's old Match Attax scamming tricks...


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Match Of The Day magazine have re-visited the 2012/13 and 2013/14 season to give away Promotional packs with base cards only for the Match Attax 2015-16 Premier League collection despite again advertising special insert cards in the packets...

its such a shame they treat valued customers this way...dipping sales on magazines are not helped with their disgraceful treatment of their loyal customers they continue to lose i expect.

see the scam explained here:


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Only in our British market the customers get shafted while all across the continent collectors in Germany, Poland and others get the best freebies in footy mags. I'm gobsmacked MOTD is still selling in shops, it is awful even for young kids. Nicely done Andy.


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Still better than what we have in America, which is nothing. I kid, but yeah that's total shite.
would rather have nothing than this MOTD magazine with crazy transfer rumours and the 3rd out of 4 seasons they have done this base card con, honestly!!


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Yes I agree too, it's a shame the Match Attax magazine failed I quite enjoyed that plus they had good limited edition promotions

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