Match Attax Premier League 2015-16 Trading Cards


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It's impressive though the fact that there was no rumor for a new album or advertisements and the likes. I wonder if Englishmen are more fond of tradings cards than sticker albums as Americans are.
Yes, in the UK cards are more popular than stickers.
Cool :) I was in England some weeks ago, and bought some stuff there. But, I don't know the best place to buy football cards. Where do you buy your cards? WH Smith and Tesco didn't have much cards where I was (In Liverpool)... Btw, nordic packs are really expensive, it drives me crazy!
Yes they were very expensive.....19K per pack.....thats almost £1.75.....for 6 cards!!
I buy them from from Click Distribution who are an authorised is the website
If you email Grace at she will be able to help you.....I asked her if she ships to Norway and she said they do but you would have to pay for shipping.....still MUCH cheaper than the Norway prices!
I hope that helps

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