Maltese League 2018/19

Only Good Stickers

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Finally something new :) thanks for posting!

Is it an official collection? or a private one (like Boycol for the Colombian league)?

I tried to ask to a seller from Malta on Ebay, he asked 30 euros for just an empty album..crazy :mad:

we should try to retrieve the name of the company, maybe asking them directly. Do you know who produces this album?


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It's official
The company is "Albums and Co"; they propose a new album this month about "The Carnaval in Malta"; it's possible to contact them through Facebook...but the page is out of service!
Price for an empty album +some stickers is 19,99 Euros in the Maltese shops...


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@Only Good Stickers @Turisas
I received today an empty album. With it 23 stickers (why 23?) are offered.
Very simple album, it seems not official, but he is... There are the teams of 2 first divisions (14 each one, but no information on any page)
Album contains 618 stickers. No shinnies, but badges (I found 4). Backside is white. Paper of the album is very good quality.

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Thank you for the sharing pictures an information.. looks interesting, probably I will try to found when I will go in vacation :D

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