Made in Brazil albums (with photos)


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I'm selling some empty albums made in Brazil. All with links on eBay

Interested PM me, please.

Important 1: If the offer is completed on the forum (with PayPal invoice) and not on ebay I can offer a 10% discount on the value of each item. If I am not going to pay advertisement fee on ebay it is fair that I pass this "discount" to the buyers.

Important 2: The shipping is with tracking code and the items will be well protected.

Copa America Centenario Hardcover (new)
Copa America Chile 2015 Hardcover (new) (Sold)
World Cup 2014 Hardcover (new) (Sold)
World Cup 2018 Starter Pack Hardcover (new)
World Cup 2018 + Packet (both free version)
World Cup 2018 Softcover (normal version) (new)
Confederations Cup 2013 free version (new) (Sold)
Brazilian League 2011 free version (new)
Brazilian League 2016 free version (new)
World Cup 2018 Softcover "Standard" Starter Pack (new)
UEFA Euro 2016 free version (new with some marks)
FIFA 365 2016 Softcover free version (new)
FIFA 365 2016 Hardcover (new)
FIFA 365 2017 Hardcover (new) (Sold)
FIFA 365 2018 Hardcover (new) (Sold)
NFL 2016 free version (new)
World Cup 2018 Hardcover only album (new) (Sold)
World Cup 2006 free version (new) (Sold)
Brazilian League 2014 free version (new)
Brazilian League 2010 free version (new) (Sold)
Brazilian League 2017 free version
Brazilian League 2018 free version


World Cup 2014 (Sold) and 2018 (Blue (Sold) and Silver) Hardcover Editions


Copa America Chile 2015 (Sold) and Copa America Centenario 2016 Hardcover Editions


World Cup 2018 Softcover and World Cup 2006 (Free Version) Softcover (Sold)


Confederations Cup 2013 (Sold) and Euro 2016 Softcover


Update Set World Cup 2018


FIFA 365 2016,2017 (Sold) and 2018 (Sold) Hardcover Editions


Brazilian League (Campeonato Brasileiro) 2010 (Sold),2011 and 2014


Brazilian League (Campeonato Brasileiro) 2016 and 2017


Brazilian League (Campeonato Brasileiro) 2018


Other Collections (FIFA 365 2017 Softcover, NFL 2016 Softcover, NBA 2017-2018 Premium Starter Pack Box with Hardcover + 50 Packets + 3 cards)

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