Lookng to sell empty Munich 74 Panini, Euro 92 and few more - mint no writings whatsoever


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Few years ago I stumbled upon an old man who owned a newsstand back in the 70's and 80's. He closed his stand in 90's.

He had a few empty Panini vintage albums. To me surprise all were empty and in my opinion in mint condition considering the age.

What was even more surprising is that he had no special method of storing them. They were just stored in a dry place, so their condition is nearly untouched (tiny creasing on the cover).

Here is the image of albums for sale.

I would put them on eBay soon, but if someone here needs them, I would rather give these treasures to the community here. I do not want to make thousands, just want a fair price and that this goes to a person which will appreciate it.

If interested send a message with an offer.

All of these are Panini (EX Yu editions) except for the Football Clubs 75, which is Italian Panini.

I will put more HD photos when I get back home.

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