Looking for sealed Turkish & Egyptian Panini packs from the '80s...!

Hello all - first time poster here. I'm a long-time Panini / stickers-in-general fan, having collected Espana 82, Football 82, Football 83 and a variety of other collections including Flash Gordon, Buck Rogers, The Empire Strikes Back, Return of the Jedi, Prehistoric Animals, E.T. and many more when I was a lad. So that's me in a nutshell. :)

The reason I'm posting today is that I've been trying to track down sealed examples of three Panini football sticker packs, but I'm not getting anywhere and I'm now at the point where I really need some help and advice. I'm specifically looking for any "Turk Futbolu" pack (although ideally whichever year was the one with the yellow packs), and any Egyptian football pack (although ideally whichever was the year with the green packs), and despite scouring eBay for years, I've not managed to find any (agonisingly, I missed out on an auction for both of the above a few years back and I've regretted it ever since).

I'm also desperately trying to find a sealed Panini Scottish Football 1992 pack (it's easy enough to find sealed English packs from that year, but I've never seen a sealed Scottish one in years of searching!)

Any suggestions would be extremely welcome - many thanks in advance, and cheers!
Well this has proved to be a forum well worth joining! Thanks to the help of Laurens23, I have at last found and purchased one of the Egypt packs I've been searching for. Fantastic! Just need to track down the yellow Turk Futbolu and the Scottish Football 1992 packs now and I'm there!

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