Looking for Panini Euro 2012 Hardcover International version


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I'm looking to buy the UEFA Euro 2012 Hardcover International version as shown in the attached photo (the lower part of the front cover is white, not yellow like the German edition). I believe it was available in the Netherlands. If you have one for sale, either empty, complete or partially complete, let me know.

I have been looking on eBay and catawiki, and the only listing I found was out of stock. Any help pointing me to a listing or a website with this album for sale would also be appreciated.

Thank you!


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I have the German version which was bought from a Germany ebay seller. My advice is go to the particular ebay of each country.
If its the Netherlands version then go to ebay Netherlands. Many sellers only list in their own language ebay site.
Good luck, I hope my little nugget of info helps.


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Thanks for your replies guys! A couple of users also messaged me with offers, so it looks like I'll have this album in a couple of weeks. Thanks everyone!


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After 3 years I’m still looking at this Hardcover international edition. Anyone here have one to sell?

Many thanks in advance


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Hi, I am looking for empty HC internatonal version of Euro 2012 panini album, so if you have some offers please contact me

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