LIGA 1 România 2014-2015 stickers album


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I was blown away when I found out that Panini released a collection about Romanian league.
Sticker album has 48 pages, its on Romanian. There are 466 stickers in total. 40 of those are special, shiny.
All of the 18 teams of Panini LIGA 1 România appear in the album.

  • 48 pages
  • softcover
  • language : Romanian
Here is a photo of a cover page.
2014-15 Panini Romania - Liga 1 2014-15 -001.jpg


Each player sticker depicts lots of info such as players name, weight, height and date of birth of the player,number on the shirt , plus his record.
Panini Romanian League 1 2014-2015 sticker.jpg
Panini Romanian League 1 2014-2015 sticker 2.jpg

There are 12x Vedetă în Devenire (Rising Stars) stickers.

Tv advert
Obviously Panini is serious about Romanian market. They also have a marketing campaign which includes a TV spot.

If anyone has more information about this album, it would be great if you can add some additional info and photos.
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I agree @ilias, there are some really nice sets this year. But honestly, I never saw this collection coming. It hit me by surprise. Lots of ex players from my local team play in Romania, so I think I will try to get at least few stickers of these. Do not have much more info at the moment, but I hope someone might chime in with additional photos and description.


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That's great! I think panini should continue doing this for country's. Football is the number 1 sport in the world this is great! Too bad no MLS yet haha


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I'm not going to collect (worst thing could be starting local leagues except Italy... too much expensive and too many albums!) but through some collegues from Romania i'll ask to buy an album and some stickers for me

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