Let's make CardzReview sustainable on it's own!


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Hello, my fellow collectors.

As some of you know, @Pavle and I are trying to make some changes here on CardzReview, so we can make more impact on our hobby. Many of you gave nice ideas, which we thank you very much for it.

One of things we discussed was how to make CardzReview sustainable, because I believe most of you are not aware that CardzReview still have costs and all are paid solely by Pavle, which has already created this wonderful community.

So personally, one of the first things I would like to change is relieve Pavle of this "burden". He never said once that he's tired of it, but he has given us so much already and I think it's more than time for us to give it back.

@Danju had the idea to create a Patreon account for CardzReview, which I set it up quickly, with banners on both blog and forums sidebar. @Danju and @Makhno were already kind enough to be patrons right away and as you can see in their posts, they have already their little Patron banner :)

Pavle and I are already discussing what can we do to compensate everyone who decide to be CardzReview patrons. You know this is all free (as it should be) and we're not some company who can provide free stuff or have any kind of exclusive service. So for now, we're starting with just the basic "make CardzReview sustainable", where I created the first tier on Patreon with a small monthly fee (5 USD). Naturally, you're free to give more, but the idea is splitting the costs as much as possible and we'll surely revise the fee for a lower amount if we can gather many patrons.

We plan to add later more tiers, which will involve advertising for publishers, sponsors and shops, plus other ideas we're discussing and you have already suggested (more suggestions are still welcome).

Just like Patreon banner, I'll add later Paypal donation button, for those who might prefer just to donate one-time, instead monthly.

Thank you for your time :)



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I am very glad to be a Patreon from now. Let's go CR! Any help? I am very busy in my work but i will try to do the best!

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