Lets do something GOOD for the hobby - eBook for new collectors?


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Hi guys,

I was just thinking how the hobby needs more new people, fresh blood. Either young or old. The fact is there are many people in the world who collect stickers and cards. They perhaps start by buying a pack and an album on the nesstand but quickly became confused and overwhelmed on many things:
  • How to complete my collection
  • How to trade stickers
  • What to do once is complete
  • Is it worth to even complete it
Once they fail to find answers to questions like this, people put this hobby aside and find a new one. Perhaps a RC quad-copter or just something else.

I believe in the hobby. I think this hobby has potential. Hobby helped me in lots of things. It makes me relaxed. I met bunch of AWESOME people around the world. Hobby helped me understand sports but more importantly it helped me find a true value of collecting. Its not money. Its much much deeper that that.

Its a joy I feel each time I open a pack, chat with a fellow collector, find something rare or simply sit and take a look at my albums. Also I realized hobby is about quality and what excites you and makes you feel funky.


My point is, in order to help collector and show them how AMAZING the community and the world of collecting is, we must HELP them understand basics and TRUE VALUE of it.

So I want to create a series of articles on blog about hobby and later put them all together organize and create a free Ebook that collectors can download for free.

I do not want stupid technical book showing them how to do this, that, bla bla. That can be a later, more advanced guide. But lets help people feel the true joy of collecting. Trust me, many people feel too alone in the hobby that they quit.

What can you do to change the collecting world
  1. Comment bellow the thread and say what hobby means to you
  2. Let me know what do you think should be included in the series of guides and later in eBook. What sorts of questions you had once you started?
  3. If you feel you had enough time and creativity, I would appreciate if you can get more involved in the project and help me create this eBook by giving ideas, or even better writing a paragraph or two for it. You can also edit articles, which would be the most helpful thing.
Share the passion. Help me save this hobby and bring more people. Lets share the passion, by making others feel how good the collecting is.

Let me know what do you think.
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I wanted to bump this topic. I still think it's a good idea to have a book like this. So if anyone is interested in contributing please get in touch. I believe it'll benefit and help new collectors.
If you think that the book is too much perhaps we can create a short guide line or at least article on our blog?

Also if anyone has an idea of what should be included in article or ebook write it down here.
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