Juventus 2014-2015 Galata & Erredi


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In Italy, new collection has been released this month featuring only Juventus team, champions of this year Serie A.

Front Cover page
Juventus 14-15 Galata & Erredi album figurine stickers.jpg

Collection has 1-400 stickers to collect. I did not notice any shiny stickers in this set, but there is not much info online about it.

Juventus 14-15 Galata & Erredi album figurine.jpg

Here is also a video where you can see how stickers look.

Album is separated into few parts :
  • - Lineups
  • - Achievements of the past season
  • - Transfers and main events of the season
  • - The teams won the Scudettos (trophies) all 32 times.
  • - Strikers and trophy
I believe that each pack has 5 stickers. No info on boxes. Bellow is how pack looks.
Juventus 14-15 Galata & Erredi figurine bustina.JPG

If anyone can fill the blanks and add more info/photo on collection it would be great.

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