It's a small world after all


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Hi guys

I just took this picture to show that our passions (football and stickers) are the same for the whole world!
I mixed many years, many countries, many traditions, in a complete disorder
I have enough to hear fuc..g discourses about racism, intolerance, terrorists and differences between us
We share the same passion, we're just a small world.

-Futbol 89 (Spain)
-Eurofootball 79
-FIFA Confederations Cup 2013
-Fussball 83 (Austria)
-Podosfairo 83 (Greece)
-English Premier League 2014
-Bosnian league 2015
-FPC 2010 (Colombia)
-Foot 2012-13 (France)
-Cesky Fotbal 99 (Czech Republic)
-Fotboll 99 (Sweden)
-Futebol 2010 (Portugal)
-Football 89 (Egypt)
-Russian League 2016
-Tunisian League 99


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