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Make sure to read this first carefully:
  • We are not responsible for deals that members agreed. By agreeing to make a trade with another member, you agreed to respect forum rules.
  • You are trading at your own risk.
  • Any violation of these rules will resolve in permanent ban of a user. Users who try to deceive others will be reported to authorities.
Trading rules;
  • Before trading:
    • If you are under 18, trading is not allowed. Ask your parent to register and do a trade for you;
    • Only 1 thread per collection is allowed in trading area;
    • Only 1 post per thread is allowed per member (you can edit your post if you wish to edit the list).
    • Write always both missing/doubles list and the conditions you're willing to trade (eg: only by registered shipping, minimum 10 stickers, etc);
    • In trading area, no discussion is allowed on threads, only lists. For discussion, post in the adequate sub-forum.
    • By contacting other member, you agree that you are interested in making an exchange;
  • During the trade negotiation:
    • Be as objective as possible. Eg: "I want to trade X for Y";
    • Discuss everything you think it's necessary to become a good trade, but always in a polite manner;
    • If what you're trading has some value (like a complete set of something), only send by registered shipping. If there's a problem afterwards and we know you didn't comply with this, we'll take severe actions, that could result with ban.
    • If there are only some low value items to trade, you may send by standard shipping, but both users have to agree on that;
    • Only supply your address after you agreed on everything;
  • After the negotiation:
    • Be sure to protect well everything you agreed to send;
    • Send as soon as possible;
    • Provide the other user with the tracking number, if applicable;
    • There's different timelapses for certain countries/continents you send, so be aware of those differences, to avoid early assumptions;
    • Don't forget to leave feedback!
Trading advices:
  • Trade only with reputable members (members who are engaged who contribute to this community, members who you trust);
  • Always make a smaller exchange with a member you are trading with for a first time;
  • Follow your gut. If the offer seems too good to be true, it probably is.
  • Ask for photos. It is your right to ask other member to take a photo on what you agreed to trade. If he refuses, do not trade with him/her.
  • When asking for a photo, you can also request other party to put a small piece of paper near the items with your name or anything else, to make sure photo is original.
  • Be realistic when proposing a trade. Do not suggest something you would never accept yourself.
  • Reply to a trade proposal. Simple yes/no is better then not replying and leaving other member to wait for you.
  • Respect others and their opinions.
Please follow these rules and avices for a smooth trade.
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