I offer many collections (World Cup, Copa América, etc.) for swap

Sergio Z

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Hi, guys. I've been quite busy lately. I'm making some tiding up at home because I'm close to a moving, and I found these complete sets of stickers. They're available for swap. Each of them come with an empty album. The names of the collections are:

1. Panini UEFA Euro 2012 - South American version (with the sparky glitter): 540 stickers
2. 3 Reyes (Navarrete) Copa América 2019: 246 stickers
3. Topps Star Wars - The Force Awakens - South American version: 140 stickers
4. Capri (Navarrete) World Cup 2014: 444 stickers
5. La Liga 2014-15 Latin American version: 286 stickers
6. 3 Reyes (Navarrete) World Cup 2018: 394 stickers (comes with Peruvian national team update stickers)
7. Capri (Navarrete) Copa América Centenario 2016: 282 stickers
8. Panini Guerrero - The Movie: 160 stickers
9. Panini Copa América 2015: 348 stickers (comes with HARDCOVER album)
10. Panini Copa América 2011: 348 stickers (includes the Costa Rica update stickers)
11. Navarrete 2002 World Cup - In action stickers: 512 stickers + 48 "armables" or pop up figurines.

I'll be posting photos of the albums and the additional stuff in the following hours. If anyone is interested on these collections, feel free to ask via PM. :)

IMG_20190415_033002_006 (2).jpg


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