Huuhkajat - Finnish National Team (Funfair)

Only Good Stickers

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Actually this is an exception as I happened to be in Finland last summer.
It was indeed expensive as one package of 6 cards costs 2.50 euros. That's another reason why I prefer stickers :)


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Yes, Jari (Jza63) told me that price. He also told me that it was the idea of the (at that time) 6 years old son of the company to have a purely Finnish card set. Well, at least you have something very special.


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Guys, how about liking the first post? Only Good Stickers deserves it for sharing this collection... Nice job ;)

Very pretty collection for sure, this is the proof you can do a nice job with small resources, if you really care about it :)

Only Good Stickers

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Thanks guys!
It is a fine set with decent quality, maybe a bit too expensive, but in Finland everything is.

I'm now focusing on collecting less popular albums, they are more challenging and give me more satisfaction.
I'm about to complete the album Bosnia Premier Liga 2015 and planning to complete Panini Cyprus 2015/16 and Supergol Israel 2015/16.
So stay tuned for rare collections :)
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