Huge WC sale


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I'm selling a lot off my spares from all the world championships on ebay (check creytensd)
*Panini 1994 177 stickers with red back 86 different ones
*Panini 2014 pocket
*South africa pocket
*France pocket
*South-Korea 98 pockets with box
*USA 1994 german version pocket
*South Africa sealed box
*South Africa complete set
*Brazil 2014 belgian update
*Brazil 2014 Mexican extra coca cola stickers
*Brazil 2014, empty brazil album
*South Korea 2002, empty album
*France 1998 empty album
*USA 1994 empty international album
*USA 1994 empty French version album (330 stickers)
Check my profile on ebay 'creytensd' everything on very cheep 0,01 sales