Huge thanks to all forum members


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Guys, I originally posted this in a section for contributors ,but I think this success deserves to be shared here, because it would not be possible without you, great forum members, no matter how old you are, where you are from and what you collect, I just wanted to take a moment to thank everyone for being here and making this community amazing.

Thanks to you, this forum is great source of information of open-minded and friendly people.

I am very proud of what we achieved in such short time.

Our website has over 1500 of daily visits. Even though compared to some other sites it is tiny number, but for me its huge. I cant imagine 1500 people at one place talking about stickers daily.

This proves that this hobby is not dead as some people said few years ago. It is growing.

One interesting thing is that our Panini 365 topic is ranking at top of most of the search engines, Panini 365 stickers article got 2300 shares on Facebook, etc.

So, thanks everyone for being here, for helping each other out and for sharing information.

I would really love to tag you all, but it would take hours :)

Special thanks to go contributors and people who bring in new information to this forum on daily basis.

I appreciate all of you.


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YOU deserve the thanks of all of us Pavle for what you brought to us with this fantastic forum
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Though i'm less active then i used to on the old forum, i'm still very thankfull it exists.


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@Pavle Thank you! I been a member for a while now and I still get a rush to check the webpage out everyday as a matter a fact I check the forum more then I check my bank account :)

Seriously though you done a great job and keep it up! The community is growing everyday

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