How to trade cards?


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There are plenty of things you can do.

We have a trading section on our forum. Read the rules of trading and post the list there.
There are also dedicated swapping sites like LastSticker, SwapStick, Stickermanager, and many more.

The most important thing as a new community member in any of those sites and our forum, make sure to read the rules and know who are you dealing with. The best exchanges are done with people whom you communicate with and developed a sort of friendship online. For instance @dantzig is my best online friend, awwww :) I would gladly send him a kidney if he needed one.

Many of these sites require newbies with zero feedback to send out first. Read the feedback from a member you're dealing with and ta-da, that's pretty much everything. I'm sure some other guide will post some best practices.

Here are two simple tips on how to be a better trader.


Hi!! Does anyone know if something happened to the Stickermanager website ?? It used to be a great place to swap and always up to date with latest collections....recently it seems it is not being updated...any info?

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