How to recognize an original sealed pack ?


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Well wel well, it seems changed his name to and when I took a look at his site and on eBay it seems he's still selling fake packets or resticking labels on other packs. :mad:

Not only his Chinese EURO 2012 packs are fake (see older post from 2018), but this seller also messed up with at least 3 Czech CORFIX labels.

All is starting when I've got a message from a collector who bought a rare CORFIX WC14 packet from a Spanish seller. When he compared the label it seems the fax number was missing. Probably the Spanish seller did business with the Italian sticker_shop (at least he used the same picture) and I'm afraid he's ripped too.

Anyway, I did some research and found some suspicious packets on the site and ebay auctions of sticker_shop.

In 2014 from my Czech contact I've received original CORFIX packs WC14, I'm 100% sure mine are original because that person ordered them straightly from CORFIX.

Here's a picture of my collection:
100% ORIGINAL (fax number ending with 110 is on the label)

Here is a label that is probably taken from a Czech FIFA365 2018 pack. Here is no fax number on the label, only a phone number ending with 100
fake_CORFIX_WC2014.png Probably recovered and resticked from this one below (no fax number on it) (picture coming from my personal collection and also received from the same trustfull contact
original_CORFIX_FIFA3652018.jpgI did some more research

and when I looked further on the Italian site I discovered more resticked labels.

FIFA 365 2016.
Here we can see again a resticked label (maybe again coming from FIFA365 2018 without fax number, phone only)

and here we have the original one coming from my own collection, fax number ending with 110

Another one?
Yes we have
RTWC18: fax number ending with 110

Resticked label: no fax number, just phone number (ending with 100)

No idea why CORFIX isn't using the fax number on all labels, but because of this evidence the Italian seller is unmasked again with at least 3 corfix packs. :mad:

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Beware of this fake packet currently offered on ebay! Its price has already reached 25,50€.
Original Italia 90 Kellogg's packets have 3 Kellogg's stickers inside (it is even written on the back).
On the picture below it is clear that the bottom sticker is a normal one. Same old story - someone buys an empty packet in good condition, fills it in with stickers, puts some glue to "seal" it, and here we go...