How to recognize an original sealed pack ?



@Pavle me neither
just for example I have opened more or less 10000 WC 2002 sealed packets Canadian edition and I found many of them with different labels on the backside but I have never sold one single of these packets as a variation


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It seems that the king of fake Chinese packets (mondo-panini) made a new victim at eBay.
Be careful of this person and don't buy those Chinese packets from him, he's printing his own labels.

I confirm that this is a 100% fake packet :mad:
As told in previous posts, the distributor became the Chinese agent of Panini since 2010, so a Chinese World Cup 2002 packet doesn't exist!



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I want to develop the topic of sealed packets:

For example I have sealed packets FIFA 365 2015 wich I bought in Bulgaria and in Czech Republic, they are the same, but on the packets that I bought in CZ there is a label of Hamley's shop where I bought it. Why should these packets differ if they are the same?
What I want to say is that all packets with shop labels are not different packets with shop labels. How many shops that many packets with labels can be.



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Whoever buys it deserve to be deceived. Every person with the tiny tiniest brain should realize a packet variation does not have some white label with gibberish. I can do the same easily.

ebay doesn't help too. Report the listing and you have tons of options to choose from, but I couldn't find any that is exactly what I want to report. This is not a counterfeit (product is legit, not the label though), this is not a fraudulent listing and surely not the other dozen of options.