How much do you monthly spend?

FC Swiss


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Collecting stickers has become an expensive hobby. How much are you willin' to spend by month on released collections?

I've set myself some limits ;-) Max. 20 euro by month

Got some discussion with the girlfriend lately when it's going to stop


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As I have no regular earnings, it really depends on the period. I just don't want to put me and my family in jeopardy. Thanks god I only collect Panini Euros and WC. No Fifa365 and no cards (this must be hell for the wallet)


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Idem for me , i collect only Panini World Cup ( album , stickers , update , extra stickers ) , that's all .
Well , maybe someone does like me.... I "associated" my daughter into it buying her one kid's album and it happens that she loves it , so my wife started suddenly to be more tolerant ))


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Well, I usually buy 3-5 sticker packets when I do the Panini Sticker collection. I wish that I could buy more packets, if my parents let me! :p

Sergio Z

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Well, it depends. Panini usually releases most of their collections during march-october. In that case, I usually spend 50 - 80 dollars monthly.
The rest of the year I spend less, like 20 or 30 dollars monthly.

Since I don't earn a big sallary yet (I'm in my last year of studies at University), I try to set a budget monthly. Besides buying albums and stickers, I save money for travelling, music gear and stuff like lens, recorders and other accesories for my job (I work as a freelance music/video producer). I spend money with my girlfriend, too. :)
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