How do you collect?



Hi guys,

until know, I have always glued all my collected stickers in the corresponding albums.
Over the last few months I have often seen, that many people are collecting loose sets of stickers and empty albums.

So I am wondering how you guys are collecting? Do you glue your stickers in the albums or do you collect them loose? Also I am interested to know, why you have choosen the particular method?

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They not pasting stickers Those who wish to sell them in the future to earn . Usually it is, but not all do . For example, I do not paste stickers Update only stores them in plastic bags . As it was Euro 2016 I had a set of stickers Coca Cola and not pasted . Stickers do not paste stickers are usually more valuable. So these labels are stored in the plastic sides of the ultra pro . As you can see most development sellers on eBay , not paste stickers , and it is the result of such great prices. And as someone selling album of glued stickers , the price may be lower by half

This holds special stickers .


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