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Only Good Stickers

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Welcome to the forum, amazing collection indeed!
Just last week Panini stopped selling complete collection at their office in Modena. Now it's only possible to buy them online


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Michel ,
Buy them on line from the Panini Store specific to the country you live in ( this is not new ) in or through a different web site ?
Being French , I can't buy on the Panini Store Italian or German where prices are different ( lower in Italy ) and collections different
Thanks for your help


Panini is now selling only on the online stores, which are different for each country.
However, there is a Panini International store that ships worldwide (http://collectibles.paninistore.com/store/col_int_en), which does not sell yet complete collections.

Hopefully they will improve their online shop soon.
I think the Panini International web has to be new, I hadnt listened it before.
But it is a great news for whose, like me, that want to finish some collections, difficult to complete by swapping.
Today I have ordered the golden ballers from Adrenalyn xl Portugal 15-16 and 16-17. I have paid 3 € but it is worth, if you dont find someone who to swapp with.

There, you may find different collections of Adrenalyn from Spain, Portugal, France, Italy, World and Euro Cups, Fifa 365 and others of stickers

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