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Welcome to the forum, amazing collection indeed!
Just last week Panini stopped selling complete collection at their office in Modena. Now it's only possible to buy them online


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Michel ,
Buy them on line from the Panini Store specific to the country you live in ( this is not new ) in or through a different web site ?
Being French , I can't buy on the Panini Store Italian or German where prices are different ( lower in Italy ) and collections different
Thanks for your help


Panini is now selling only on the online stores, which are different for each country.
However, there is a Panini International store that ships worldwide (http://collectibles.paninistore.com/store/col_int_en), which does not sell yet complete collections.

Hopefully they will improve their online shop soon.
I think the Panini International web has to be new, I hadnt listened it before.
But it is a great news for whose, like me, that want to finish some collections, difficult to complete by swapping.
Today I have ordered the golden ballers from Adrenalyn xl Portugal 15-16 and 16-17. I have paid 3 € but it is worth, if you dont find someone who to swapp with.

There, you may find different collections of Adrenalyn from Spain, Portugal, France, Italy, World and Euro Cups, Fifa 365 and others of stickers


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Hi everybody
I'm Raf from italy but Many collectionists know me like menagione

I started my collection in 2005

Here you can see my collection, concerning the ballon d'or Winners

I stoppie my collection in these last Times, i became dada, and now i'm searching to come back in this lovely world

Hi al Mick from England I collect very old football cigarette cards and anything football related I branched out to collect all cards or stickers which have Newcastle United on them team and players from all eras this led me on to the sticker side of collecting and since then just picking off what I can find usually Panini but really wanting to get more of the Top Sellers stickers from the early 70,s I have a flicker page which shows off all the cards stickers I have of Newcastle United over 5000 at last count

Carry on collecting


Wow, i.love the thematic collection, and you have a great great collection

I will search newcastle items for the future, i hope we will make trades (i collect Many players Also keegan, gullit and owen, ex magpies)


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Hello everybody!

My name is Arne, I am 33 years old and I live in Hamburg (Germany).

I have been collecting cards and stickers since I was 10. It all started with the collection album of the German National Team for the 1996 European Championship from Ferrero. From 1998, the Panini cards for the World and European Championships as well as the Bundesliga albums joined my collection.

At some point the enthusiasm waned a bit, but recently the collecting fever has returned as I saw the official DFB collector's album for the 2020 World Cup at the checkstand of our REWE supermarket. I feel like a little kid again when opening the packs and hoping to get the still missing and desired cards. I guess I will collect more again from now on and attack the EURO 2020 Official Preview Collection from Panini.

Apart from that I have been diving a little bit deeper into the world of digital blockchain-based trading cards, mainly football but also some other sports like baseball or formula 1. The coolest thing on these collectibles that you should not only be able to collect and trade these cards but also use them to play. We will see where this goes.

Friendly greetings from Germany


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Returned to the forum as I lost my details so had to reregister.

I am also a collector of mainly West Brom cards, slowly getting my wants lists sorted. Also dabble in a few Spanish teams.
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