Hey there collector! Say something about yourself.


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Hi all, i'm Phil, was registered previously under the name footballcardsdirect which was my business until I sold it on earlier this year so have registered under my own name now. Collector of West Brom and Malaga cards/ stickers with a slight interest in Granada as well. I will be going back into the selling side soon but not so much current items but will dabble in them at times. I still sell on eBay, username at the moment is WestMidsMemorabilia but that will soon be changing also.


Hello everyone!
I am Angel from Spain.
From 2009 I am trying to collect Ediciones Este and Adrenalyn XL, collections of Spanish stickers and cards
On the other hand, I collect the stickers and cards of Spanish national team players in the national league and in the league around world.


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Hello everyone!

Before this year is over, I want to introduce myself. And apologize for not having done it before, I'm sorry.

My name is Alberto, I'm from Oruro - Bolivia (I was born and I live in that city)

In 1993 I was a very young child and together with my older brother we collected a local album dedicated to the USA 94 World Cup qualifiers, it was incredible because we managed to complete the album and it was also the last time my country qualified for a World Cup.
After that I began to collect albums of cartoons, series and some movies and finally I moved away from the collections for a while.

Until the year 2006, year in which I started again with this nice hobby and I collected the album (Panini - Fifa World cup Germany 2006) and from that year until now I do not miss any and I always collect them.
And since 2016 I started to buy collections that came out before 2006 or collections that did not arrive in my country and until now I keep looking for some.

I only collect the albums of selections championships (Almost all Panini): World cup, America cup, Euro cup, Confederations cup, Africa cup, El Hexagonal, etc. They are the albums that I love the most and I also collect the UEFA Champions League (Panini and Topps)
Like many of you, I also collect your respective sealed envelopes.

All my respect and admiration to Pavle, creator of this page and also to all the collectors who are always contributing with their knowledge. Since I came here, I learned a lot.

Greetings from Bolivia and many thanks to all of you. :)

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