Hey there collector! Say something about yourself.


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Hi guys,

First post on the forums.

My name is Pavle, I am the guy behind this forum and cardzreview.com website.

I have been collecting stickers and trading cards ever since I was a child. In 2006 I got really hooked up and started to explore the hobby more seriously.

One of the ways I spend my spare time besides collecting is creating videos and webdesign. I am avid book reader and I enjoy watching thriller movies.

I am from Serbia, a country located in the Eastern part of Europe.

I would like to welcome you all to this forum. My goal is to have a place where collectors all around the world can connect and share experience and ideas about hobby.

For any questions, do not hesitate to ask. Feel free to introduce yourself here, I would really like to hear your collecting stories.

Also do not forget that whoever gets introduced here in the next 7 days will be entered in free giveaway for Panini Brasileiro 2013 complete loose stickers set + album.

Best wishes and happy collecting,
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Hallo i reintroduce my self in the new forum of Cardzreview, i'm sure will be a nice and useful point of meeting for stickers collectors all around the world!

My name is Emiliano, i'm from Bologna, Italy. I am also a comics collector. About football i collect stickers album about:

CALCIATORI PANINI (older one i have is Calciatori 69/70)
WORLD CUP ALBUMS (first of all Panini but also other editions, older one i have -at the moment- is from England 66. I use to collect all different editions of same Panini album if there are different stickers or adding stickers)
COPA AMERICA (i got all albums from Navarrete and also now Panini)
CHAMPIONS LEAGUE (Panini... anyway i don't think there are editions)

I'm 44 years old, unfortunately around 10 years ago i had to sell main part of my collection for economical reasons (including Mexico 70 ... sic!), so in last years i'm working to have again everything.. step by step... polako polako (sorry Pavle, hoping I wrote correct :))

hope to find here people to enjoy our passion!


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Thanks for sharing your story @Caniggia and welcome aboard. I remember you from the old forums and I am sorry that I was unable to import old topics and forum discussion from previous one.

I hope we will be able to have an amazing community for both newer and old-school collectors.


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I'm Dieter, 29, from Belgium. I'm also happy the forum is back, this way it's good to stay in touch with collectors from the whole world.

I collect:
World championship panini. I used to collect them as a kid and i've restarted with the 2014 WC on a more adult level LOL
My first ever album was WC 94.
Didn't yet start with another collection, first things first. We'll c in the future

Other hobby's: Cycling, darts, drinking beer, stamps

I hope we all can have a great time here


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I'm Felix, 28 y/o, from Israel. currently studying for a degree in Information System Engineering.
I was collecting panini cartoon albums when i was a child back at the 90's, but i threw all my albums at some point, didn't realize what i had in my hands :(
Now i'm back collecting. I started collecting seriously only last year while WC 2014 Brazil and Match Attax 13/14 were my first albums.
Today i mainly collect Panini CL 14/15 since these is the only collection sold in my country, along with the domestic Israeli league, which i don't collect.


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Hallo there guys!

My name is Martin, i`m 32 and i`m from Lithuania. My story looks the same....i was collecting stickers and cards when i was child later throw it away and now i am coming back with WC 2014 stickers and Adrenalyn cards, Champions league stickers 2014-2015 and of course Champions League Adrenalyn cards 2015-2015. Also i`m trying to collect WC South Africa 2010 Adrenalyn cards.


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My name is Sebastian and I'm from Slovenia.I was collecting sticker as young boy but then somehow list entusiasm...last year i decide to begin with collecting World cup Panini albums...i have all albums from 2002 and later.I like U all...bye


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It is sad, but in my country we have no possibilities to buy cards, they are not selling it anywhere. We have just stickers which arrived to our shops on 23rd of December...


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In my collection I'v got these:
- from the 70's: The Belgium League (few albums) + Sprint (few albums cycling with Mercx, Hinault) - PANINI
- from the 90's: Belgium League + WC 1994 + lots of albums from Movies Merlin (Jurassic Park, etc.) - MERLIN
- Restarted to collect from 2010 with the WC 2010 album, road to WC 2014, WC 2014 / Belgium Pro League
- Recently started to collect the Champions League editions Stickers / Adrenalyn XL

Paddy Short

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Hi Guys!

I'm Paddy and I've been collecting for about 20 years! As I'm from England I've mainly collected the Premier League & World Cup albums and I recent times the Match Attax Series.

In my spare time I run the @90sfootball account on Twitter, maybe some of you are following haha!

Look forward to meet you all :)


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Hi, I am Roly from Manchester, UK.

I collect premier league football stickers and Slam Attax as well as old baseball and NFL cards.


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Hi guys and friends ,

In this season I collect PANINI ADRENALYN CHAMPION LEAGUE 2014 - 2015 , PANINI CALCIATORI ADRENALYN 2014 - 2015 , PANINI CALCIATORI FIGURINE 2014 -2015 , PANINI INVIZIMALS 2 and PANINI uefa ch l 2014 -2015 8 (only Virtual Sticker Collection ) .

Good Lucky everyone !


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Hello guys and fellow collectors and @Pavle, good to sign up here. I collect many football and other interesting things, usually cards and stickers but other things too :)


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My name is Adrien, 21 years old and I'm from the region of Brittany in France.
I've started collect the stickers since the 90's.

My Collection :
Panini Foot 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2012 (Coming Soon 2013, 2014 & 2015)
Panini WC 2002, 2006, 2014
Panini Euro 2004, 2008, 2012
Panini CL 06/07, 08/09
Panini Superfoot
Encyclopedia of World Cup (1970 to 2010) & Euro Cup (1980 to 2008) from Franco Cosimo Panini

I've also made some stickers with Photoshop for Football Manager.

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