Help me identify these cards


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I would love if someone could help me identify or provide more info on any of these 6 cards.

* The 1st card is a sticker (Henrik Larsson, Celtic). Backside is blank.
* The 2nd card (4 Barca players) have the same back and front.
* The 3rd card (Bobby Charlton - picture 3 show the front and picture 4 show the back).
* The 4th card (England team) - picture 5 show the front and picture 6 show the back).
* The 5th card (Zlatan) - picture 7 show the front and picture 8 show the back).
* The 6th card (3 Real Madrid players - picture 9 show the front and picture 10 show the back).



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The Greek one is a collection of 288 cards from the company "Cosmos" called "Podosfairo 87" (Podosfairo = Football). It's a mix of national teams and Greek clubs.
On the backside, there is a list of gifts that you could win (radios, walkman etc)

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