HELP - Factory Sealed Panini Album not complete


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Hello friends!

I've got a big problem

I bought on ebay an Egyptian album 1989 (I needed it) sealed from Panini (empty album + complete set)

Unfortunately, there was a big problem due to Panini; there are lots of doubles (sometimes 6 times the same number) and at the end there are lots of missing stickers. It's the 2nd time that I know this problem; the 1st time was for a French album thus I found the stickers but here with an Egyptian collection it's completly impossible. Of course the seller on ebay is absolutely not responsible, because the album was perfectly sealed.

Do you know if it's possible to buy directly stickers in Panini Modena for this collection? I know that some people (Caniggia?) are neighbours of Panini and I don't know how we can try to find stickers for old collections; moreover I just have three or four uncomplete albums (for example Foot Switzerland 1984, 1 sticker missing) and I wanted to know if (and in this case how) I could buy the stickers

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When you want help from a certain collector, tag him/her like this: @Caniggia <- this way, it'll ensure he sees your post.

Personal guess: those are old stickers, it'll be not easy to find them, even in Panini... And egyptian album from 1989? Interesting..... *strokes imaginary beard*

Still, even if it's not seller's fault, warn him about it, because it can prevent others to get the same bad surprise you had.

I've changed this thread title, to be more specific for others to check it out.


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This is not the 1st time; if some collectors want to buy some sealed albums on ebay

-Foot 81 Belgium; about 20 stickers are missing, for each sealed album; generally, the sellers knows this problem and the price is more less than other sealed albums of this time.
-Foot 86 France: one sticker is missing, every time the same number 336; it was this album which was not complete the 1st time I found it (50% of stickers missing, and 2 times for the second half of the set). But the second sealed album (very cheap, bought in UK!) was complete (except of course 336)

I hope there are not other problems with other collections.

For Egyptian football, I had already Foot 83, 84, 85 and 87 and I believed the 89...I found a new one on ebay and bought it yesterday for a normal price (he was in Panini store until a few months ago, so it's not very expensive, if you compare with others...) I hope this time it will be complete, if not I give up^^

Anyway, I will sell on ebay empty album and lots of doubles for Egypt 89 soon...if somebody is interested...


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so ... I really don't understand the new way to collect sealed album (in Italy is going stronger than ever), several reasons I have but mainly YOU CAN'T BE SURE ALBUM IS COMPLETE or ALBUM OR STICKERS GOT SOME DAMAGE. To be honest, I never had problems buying some sealed complete set (also CALCIATORI 1970/71 even it was 20 years ago..) but some problems could happen ... in my experience never missing stickers, almost always double stickers. Then Panini in the past used to put stickers all together in the mid of album, so for this reason after years we could have an album or some stickers not good

@Ceesmk are you sure album was sealed by Panini? is not so difficult to take an album, put stickers and then resealed ... I mean, some stickers missing can happen, but severals missing and severals double/triple ... sounds strange to me ...

anyway, you can contact Panini in Modena and ask if they still have your missing stickers (could happen they have, quiet sure for Switzerland if is not sold out, I don't know about Egypt..) but please check before prices; Panini for old sticker is not so easy and sometime is better to check before some sellers on ebay or somewhere else


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Thank you for your reply !!!

I buy sealed albums for rare countries or old collections; it's almost impossible to find for example a Greek album of the 80s or from Egypt or from this kind of countries in different ways.

The album was sealed by Panini, I think this is a problem due to the factory. It could arrive, I just was unlucky. For the French Foot 86, it was the case: 50% of the collect was 2 times, and 50% was missing. For the Egyptian, it's almost impossible (I think) to find 6 times the same sticker (same case for lots of stickers, and every time badges, which are in double or more in the sealed albums particularly during the 80s)

How to contact Panini Modena? By mail? On their website? In english? When I just need one sticker like for the Swiss album I think it could be the best solution, I am looking for this fu... swiss sticker since about 10 years^^ I just have 4 or 5 uncomplete albums, and this is every time rare countries; for Germany, Belgium or Spain, of course you can find collectors, but for Switzerland or Colombia, it's more difficult, and for old collections it's worst.


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@Ceesmk I didn't understand from where you are.. :)... anyway If you think can be easyer, write me in private your missing sticker/s and I will write to Modena for you (I write often to them.. :rolleyes:) and then we see

next time I go to Modena, should be end of this month, maybe before


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I received (I was lucky, there was a second one on ebay!) a new sealed album Egypt 1989 and this time there was the complete set. Some badges were 3 times, and they were 6 times in the 1st factory sealed.

I hope I won't know this bad joke in the future. I've got lots of sealed albums in my collection (I'm in late to stick everything and it's long^^), I hope they are REALLY complete!


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You never know, you just hope^^
Anyway, for 99%, it's complete; but when you are unlucky...bad surprise!!

Some people are collecting factory sealed, and dont' want to open the albums; for them it's more simple^^ For me, except one album, I buy to open and glue the stickers.


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I wanted to keep one sealed album for my collection
I have chosen Foot 98 Belgium, because it was the 1st foreign album that I found during my life
So for this collection I've got a complete album, empty album + complete set and a factory sealed

For this moment, I keep 2 other factory sealed albums because they are big collectors
-1st issue Hockey NHL O-Pee-Chee 81; I will open it if I don't find a complete album
-1st issue Greek League Podosfairo 80 (I have a complete album); I wanted to keep with the complete album empty album + complete set (I try to do this with the 1st issue of national leagues when it's possible) and I'm affraid to have a bad surprise^^ So I'm waiting^^

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