Hello, I would like your opinion about my sticker shop.

Hi everyone,

I started listing my items months or so ago, I'd really like if you go on my store and rate it, can you tell me if the pictures look ok, the prices, description, etc? I'd really appreciate your feedback, plus I'm having a hard time promoting my items because I don't know the right way to do it. The shop already has over 2,500 registered items. Thanks in advance, plus if anyone would like to make a collaboration in some sort I'm open to ideas.


What kind of collections would be interesting to see in the store?

Thanks for your attention!
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You can get in touch with @dantzig and offer him a coupon for your store. He is currently writing a review on sticker and cards stores. So if you want honest opinion, he is the guy.

From design point of view, its clean designed, and looks ok on mobile. Site obviously needs more content and better navigation, as I get confused on where to click and what to do.

I am not huge fan of ABOUT section in the left sidebar. Better have search + categories, then about, and also maybe add payment options and a bit about your store in that part. For social media, better to add icons (take a look at our main website) if your goal is to have people on social media of course.

About promoting, if you do not have time to write content and develop your own social media and websites, then be active part of communities and forums so that people can be aware of your store.
Chiming in when you have a link to share or to promote looks like spam. Add value to your content.
Hello, Pavle.

Thanks for your opinion. The platform I use has some limitations. I tried to get the most out of the available functions. The design pleases me too and works in a pleasant way on mobile devices.

The "about" already exists in the bottom of the site, as well as the terms and contacts.

The forms of payment and shipping are shown in all the pages when you click on a product. The items also have icons to be shared on the main social media.

My biggest concern is with the prices of items. Quality images, collections and not least the site navigation is very limited by the platform.

One thing I can not see it is for users appears some kind of advertising or pop-up when you open the site.

Finally, I appreciate your help.


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No need to offer coupon, though it's true I'm writing some reviews of the shops I've bought something (don't expect to be quick, I'm lazy as you know!)... So far, it's only european shops, since I'm european and it's better to buy stuff without paying outrageous shipping from outside Europe.

I answered to Teo Lahmeyer by private message, but I can also share my answer, no problem.


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Hey Teo,

I actually ordered something from your site but haven't gotten any response on shipping or anything. Do you have a process for that?


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Just for the record, I made an order from Teo's site and everything went smoothly. Items shipped with much more care than what I typically see from eBay.

I love my hardcover Copa America album btw :D


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Hi Teo

If possible try to edit your first post and change the URL to your new website . I clicked on it initially but later found that you have changed your website to a new domain.
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