Hajduk Split: Iz jubavi iz dišpeta 1911-2013


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This is Hajduk Split album from 2013. Album is really great it talks about history of one club. In album you can see famous Hajduk players, coaches, teams stickers that won league or cup. There are also emblem stickers, fans stickers, stickers about big European games of Hajduk history. In album you can also see stickers of some presidents, also man who gave name to club, stickers of Torcida founders. Torcida is oldest firm in Europe. In album you have also stickers of celebration for 100 years of Hajduk. History of one club in stickers, really great.

Name: Iz jubavi iz dišpeta (From love from defiance/spite)
Year: 2013.
Publisher: Tekma d.o.o.
Stickers: 400


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