Greek Superleague 2019/2020


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I will publish the pictures very soon.
The publisher is Aggeliki Giannaki. 4 stickers by pack.
336 stickers (14 teams x 24 stickers)
No shinnies, lots of errors.

Only Good Stickers

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Thanks, it doesn't look like a high quality collection, but I am curious to see some picture.
I am interested in one sealed packet if you (or someone else) have


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Great to see the Greek league with an album again as I used to like the Panini collections.

Maybe similar quality to the Colombian Boycol album which I like?


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It's a like the old FKS albums. 2 big pages with players, no informations, and they tried to propose the players by alphabetic order, but made lots of errors....Moreover some stickers don't have the right numbers, and there is no name of the players on the empty album.

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