Gordon Banks


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Probably 3rd or 4th best goalkeeper of all-time IMO... what separates him from a lot of other players was how humble he was considering he is one of only 22 Englishmen which were world champions, no other Englishmen have even got close. You look at the ugly face of football in England nowadays with players like Lingard etc who are just journeymen doing weird fruity dances on their phones for 12 year olds to like and you just wonder what the greats like Banks, Charlton, Greavsie etc make/made of it!!!

It's funny seeing that save from Pele again and again as every world cup in the 80s it was always aired and rightly so but that game still finished 1-0 and enabled Brasil to go through in the easy half of the Mexico 70 draw while England met their fate to West Germany in the Quarter Finals after Banks missed that match through illness and England had to play Bonetti in goal and conceeded 3 in 3-2 defeat. The Germans then went on to play an energy sapping extra time semi final loss to Italy. Italy after winning that semi final were able to play at full pace for just under an hour in the final against a fresh Brasil side before pure heat exhaustation took its toll after the semi final excerts. Just shows how 1 match in the Group stages and a different scoreline may have changed the outcome of the whole tournament!!!