Futera World Football UNIQUE 2018


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Futera World Football UNIQUE 2018
Limited Release of 240 Cases
Launch Date: 1st September, 2018

* On-card Autographs * Game-used Memorabilia * 24ct gold plated Inserts

This Collection features the greatest variety of game-used memorabilia and on-card signed autograph cards ever presented in a Futera release.

SALES CATALOGUE: http://futeratools.com/documents/WFUQ2018SalesSheet_INFO.pdf
CHECKLIST: https://www.futera.com/futera-world-football-unique-2018

Examples from the World Football UNIQUE 2018 Collection

RARITY: Card rarity ranges from just 1 card created (a Futera ‘1 of 1’), to a maximum of only 43.

QUALITY: Autograph and Memorabilia cards average 2mm thickness with foiled elements on 2 sides. Each card is individually numbered, and has a unique security/data code which collectors can enter online to get information about their cards’ features and rarity (service available from the Futera APP and website shortly following launch).

PLAYER SIGNINGS: Over 150 top stars have signed Futera cards (on-card autographs) with rarity limited to under 35 cards from each player. The date and location of when and where the player signed the card is stated on the card back.

GAME USED MEMORABILIA: The Collection showcases over 20 different Memorabilia Sets featuring single, double or triple game and training-used memorabilia spanning jerseys, shorts, training kits, boots, shinguards, socks to personal accessories and game-used balls. Details of the player’s memorabilia is given on the card back such as the game details/location/date/season it is from.

CARD INFORMATION for COLLECTORS: Every Memorabilia card is individually photographed front and back, and its data uploaded to Futera’s free collector services ‘Code for Collectors’ and ‘Memorabilia Card Colour Grading’ where collectors can check the rarity and features of their cards and get some 'behind the scenes' info about how their cards have been created.

PACK: includes either a game or training-used Memorabilia card, or an on-card signed Autograph, or a 24ct gold plated framed ‘1 of 1’ card (Autograph, Memorabilia or COMBO) or other rare 24ct gold-plated insert, plus up to 12 quality 760gsm Base Set cards. Every third pack also includes a rare Heritage’ Card (’ ‘of 23’ or ‘of 39’).

DISPLAY BOX (4 packs): includes a pack with either an ON-CARD AUTOGRAPH or a 24ct GOLD-PLATED INSERT such as a 1 of 1, Autograph or game-used Memorabilia.

MINICASE (6 Display Boxes) averages:
* 1 x ‘1 of 1’ 24ct gold-plated framed Autograph/Memorabilia/Combo or Threads card
* 2 x 24ct gold plated framed game or training-used Memorabilia cards from LACES (of 2), MYTHICALS (of 7) or MEMOSTARS (of 29)
* 3 on-card signed Autograph cards
* 18 game or training-used Memorabilia cards
* Up to 10 rare ‘Heritage’ cards (‘of 23’ or ‘of 39’)
* 2 Base Sets

* * *

Pack - up to 12 quality Base Set cards plus either a Memorabilia, Autograph or 24ct gold plated Autograph or Memorabilia card (every 3rd pack includes a 'Heritage' card)

1 Display Box = 4 Packs
Minicase = 6 Display Boxes
Case (3 Minicases per Case) = 18 Display Boxes/72 packs

PRICING (RRP): Pack: USD$79 * Display Box (4 Packs): USD$299 * Minicase (6 Display Boxes): USD$1695

Futera's World Football UNIQUE Collections have provided the industry's best-performing soccer card box breaks 'return on investment' (ROI) over the past few years:

Source: https://www.priceguide.cards/en/box-breaks?utm_source=e This Price Guide is ranked the world’s No. 1 source for soccer/football cards and provides useful data and values of cards from actual card sales in the secondary market.

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