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Futera Arsenal Unique 2016

No more words to share my feeling when you spent $1365 for one mini-case of Futera

Arsenal cards.Yes,it's ridiculously expensive,but as the exclusive licensed Arsenal high-end

collection,you can't say no.

See the results and hits.Have base sets,Mythicals,some parallel,some jersey and even 1 of
1 thread autograph of Sol available for trade or sale.


Great collecition, whith all of this amazing cards, I must ask: Did you have profit? If not, how much do you estimate you got? and you still need to complete the base set (i think :D )
I pretty like some of memorabillia cards,and do collect some of parallel,too.

On the point of value,it's difficult to say,but to be honest,the result would be slight economic loss.

I reckon Sol Campbell 1 of 1 thread autograph would be GBP300.00 in terms of its perfect handwriting

and possible the Invicibles away jersey