Futebol 2014-2015 Primeira Liga (Portugal)


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I was visiting Lisbon a few months back and I saw in the store the Futebol 2014-2015 album. I bought it immediately. I really like the design and the quality of the stickers. In the album I have like 60-70 stickers.

Here are some photos..



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If you want more stickers, I can sell you my doubles (all different), they're still a lot hehe.
It would be nice if you can do that :D

I really like your league. I went to Estadio Jose Alvalade to see Sporting-Chelsea in CL, it was great atmosphere. I also visited Estadio da Luz. What is your club in Portugal ?


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I'll send you a PM about the lot.

You went to the best stadium to see a match :D My avatar says it all, Sporting is the club I support ;)

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