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Not sure if any of you know about Bernardo Silva being charged for "bad conduct" by English Football Federation. Kinda surprised me because Bernardo is among the gentlest players I know.

All started with Bernardo in Twitter comparing Mendy as a kid with a chocolate brand called "Conguitos".

Bernardo and Mendy are best friends. Mendy took it as joke obviously. Well, who wouldn't? Ah right, the "internet".

Bernardo had to explain it was a joke among friends without any racism intention. No matter, EFA charged him today.

And why am I sharing this here? Because in the past, there's been already people easily offended by what others wrote in this thread, usually banters between clubs/nations. Probably I contributed too, all to be taken lightly. Fair play in jokes is much needed.


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South America News:
CONMEBOL has presented the official logo of the next Copa América ;)
Participants: The 10 teams belonging plus 2 guests, again Qatar and the debut in this Australia tournament.

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