Fussball Bundesliga 2019/2020 (Austria)


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Thanks @Only Good Stickers

It looks like another nice compact album for the Austrian Bundesliga. As much as I love the big 600+ albums, I think these smaller more easier to collect albums are a great addition. 300+ stickers tends to be easier to finish and it's a thumbs up from me!

I see the 2018/19 set has just been released to buy from Panini UK so I'll look forward to this one in a year's time!


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Between 1998 and 2015, there were every year only 312 stickers in the Austrian album (and less for the 80s). They change the number since 4 years.
It's enough, because they were only 10 teams in the Austrian Bundesliga. Even with around 300 stickers there are 25 stickers for each team. Since last year there are 12, so the 2nd division diseappears.


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I really wonder how the sales numbers are.
Some newspaper/cigarette shops selling Euro and World Cup stickers do not sell the Bundesliga at all..
I know German collectors are doing the collection - maybe a bit to ease the pain with Panini having lost the German Bundesliga rights..
It’s a decent album for a relatively uninteresting league.
Nothing spectacular with no real extra sections but Sky stickers for example last year.
Comparable to the Greece league albums- with the difference that Greece seems to have many die hard sticker collectors.
Issued every year without real evolution.
I guess the license must be really cheap otherwise Panini would have stopped already.
90 cent for one pack is hilarious..


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Not only German collectors^^ I have every Austrian album since the 1st one ^^
I like to discover new leagues through the album, even if it's not a big league. And the albums are really decent.

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