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On Monday 26th of January, Topps DE (Germany) will release a new sticker collection about German National League.
Fussball Bundesliga 2014-15 sticker album.JPG Fussball Bundesliga 2014-15 sticker packet.JPG
Fussball Bundesliga 2014-2015 collection will have 312 stickers.
  • 1-3 (introductory)
  • 4-273 (1. Bundesliga)
  • 274-275 (Special)
  • 276-293 (2. Bundesliga)
  • 294 Sky Moderator (Special)
  • F1-F18 Fans Favoriten (Fans Favorite)
  • 1 euro for a pack
  • 1 euro for an album
Pricing is to be confirmed. I find it hard to believe that sticker packets will be 1 euro. This would be really ridiculous, but this is what Topps DE says on their official site.

Collection features all teams from First and Second Bundesliga.
First page of the album has 3 stickers :
  • Trophy
  • Bundesliga Logo
  • Officiall ball
There are 18 teams in the Bundesliga and all of them appear in alphabetical order in this sticker album or sammelalbum as Germans call it.

Here is a list of teams :

Bayer Leverkusen
Bayern Munich
Borussia Dortmund
Borussia Mönchengladbach
Eintracht Frankfurt
SC Freiburg
Hamburger SV
Hannover 96
Hertha BSC
TSG 1899 Hoffenheim
1. FC Köln
1. FSV Mainz 05
SC Paderborn 07
Schalke 04
VfB Stuttgart
Werder Bremen
VfL Wolfsburg

Each of these clubs has 15 stickers :
  • 1x Badge/Logo
  • 2x puzzle team photo (2 stickers form 1 team sticker)
  • 12x individual players
Second Bundesliga features 18 clubs as well. Same as the First league, each team appears in the
Topps Fussball Bundesliga 2014-15 album. Teams are alphabetically ordered and each team has only 1 sticker. That one sticker is a team badge, so in this section there are 18 stickers.

Checklist can be found on this link.

Where can you buy it?

Quite a few complete sets + albums, boxes and packets appeared on German Ebay even before the collection has already been released. You can find some there.

If you have any more information or photos on this, feel free to add it in the comments.

Any thoughts on the collection?
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The set should be good just the 1€ a packet is pricey. That would be $1.30 or $1.40 a packet in the U.S. If they start doing this.


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packetprice is 0,60€. and you´ll get free packets after you spend money at specific supermarkets ( Penny ) Penny also got the sales rights for a couple of weeks , after that it can be found in regular shops as usuall collections.


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Thanks for the info @Danju I will update the pricing right away.
I remember when I had a similar situation with Topps DE. It was about Match Attax Bundesliga where I first saw that packs will be 0.50 euro. I guess they changed their mind and packs were more expensive than that. So I got an angry email from their customer support to change the pricing info. Haha, I guess lots of people have been emailing them and asking why are they selling at more prices then originally announced one :)

Oh well, back to the topic, it would be good if anyone from Germany can share some photos of the album and any additional info I missed.


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official release is tomorrow, I will go and get some stuff, so you´ll get your infos tomorrow.


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I´ll attach some scans and pohotos below.
Packages , black one is 0,60€ each package, red one for free, after spending 10€ at the supermarket ( Penny )

A high Quality scan of front and back

Stickers, regular player sticker/ shiny badge of 1. bundesliga / non shiny badge of 2. bundesliga / sticker back.

a couple of fotos from inside :



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Classic Topps design. If I am not wrong, from 2009 until now, all collections look similar.
I like the Fans Favoriten. They look quite smaller and oddly shaped.


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yes you are right, topps albums are very silly and with no ideas, each year the same, but if you are addicted to, you´ll buy it.
They´ll do the albums at least until 2018. I´m jealous about itallian collections from panini, that´s what i would wish for us too.


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Topps has tryed to make agreement with Italian League and take rights to make the album. It was same year of Germany, but here was different. An album not Panini will not be sold like Panini, this is a rule and they know.

But anyway also Panini is not perfect at all ... for example i don't understand why the have to use similar covers of Calciatori for other countries .. it does make any sense


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@Caniggia you are right , the Cover thing, is something I do not understand too.
Offcourse Italy, the motherland of Panini has to have Panini to support Seria A albums , everything else would be a joke.
The main problem with TOPPS is that they are erning billons on the USA market and they are willing to spend it in europe cause everyone knwos about the possibilities this huge market has for those companys.
German Bundesliga sells the printrights to those who will spend the most, and unfortunatly TOPPS is paying more then Panini is possible to.
A couple of collectors and me send a letter to DFL ( german football league ) who is selling the rights. We pleased them to listen to us and to check all the signatures we had collected just to not give the rights to TOPPS....

The have never answerd and showed no other reactions.

Now TOPPS has the rights at least untill 2018.

They are waisting the stickers at low budget supermarkets. You just have to wait a couple of weeks to get a full set for a few bucks on ebay. Full set means less than 300 stickers... for 2 professional leagues ! Very sad.

Anyway i tried to help and give it a better change, but they don´t care about us. i´ll go on and hope for better times , maybe at 2018.


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In Italy last year De Laurentis, owner of Napoli, asked more money to Panini and his menace was to not give authorization for the album. First of all Panini has an agreement with Lega Calcio and Figc (Italian Federation of Football) and not with single team.. could you imagine the mess?? but anyway for few days we supposed to have Calciatori album without Napoli team :)

if i'm not wrong, happened something quiet similar in Germany.. i remember one year without sticker of Oliver Kahn due to rights, not?


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we had some promlems nearly like that back in the day , yes. in some older albums are comments like : we have tried to give you the full expierence of bundesliga but due to to promblems with marketing rights it´s not possible for us. they wrote it right next to the space where players sticker or team logo should be :)

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