Frikom Uspesi Nase Kosarke 2015 (Basketball)


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In Serbia, a food company called Frikom (well known for frozen products) published a new collection featuring Serbian national basketball team.

Stickers can be got only with a Frikom Ice Cream - Basket. This is probably the most interesting way to pack stickers, and it can also be used as a display piece even thought its made out of plastic.
Basket_Loptica_Otvorena2.jpg Basket_Loptica_Zatvorena3.jpg Frikom basketball uspesi nase kosarke.png peja stojakovic frikom sticker uspesi nase kosarke.png
Sticker album is bought separately on newsstands, and its price is pretty cheap 0,45 euros approximately. (50 RSD Serbian dinars). Ice-cream is 0.70 euros and you can 2 stickers with each Basket Ice-Cream.

Collection is officially licensed by Serbian Basketball team.
The only weird thing is that stickers might get demanded since they are packed on the top cover of this basketball ice-cream and are not protected by anything.
Few of their previous collections had stickers packed in some sort of protective sleeve, but not this one.

There is also Android app which is quite interesting, you can play and try to score a basket.

Here is not that good video (in terms of quality and shaking) made by some kid, but again presents this collection in much better way than the commercial.
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