FIFA World Cup 2030 in six countries


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World Cup 2030 to be hosted in Spain, Portugal, Morocco … and South America

World Cup 2030 is set to be held in six countries across three continents.
Tournament played on more than one continent for first time.
Spain, Portugal and Morocco will host the tournament but the first three games will take place in Uruguay, Argentina and Paraguay to mark centenary.


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Probably and logically the open match ( Montevideo ) , and the final ( Madrid ) .

Let's stay optimistic , Viva World Cup 30 . ;) :cool:


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Naturally happy for a WC being held in Portugal too, but I guess most matches will be played in Spain... Morocco is there because, let's be honest, it was all about FIFA trying to show some kind of "unity" among Europe and Africa when the migrants crisis shows otherwise... anyway, don't want to get political here.

It is nice to have South America have the opening matches due to World Cups starting there, but logistically it's not very acceptable for the teams playing there to relocate quickly (better for SA teams who are there already).

Also, some confusion about all six teams being already qualified but only the three original (Spain, Portugal and Morocco) are automatically qualified. This means Paraguay for example, can host a match but not being there... but if they can qualify for 2030, they will play there of course.


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I am sure , Spain will have 2 quarters , 2 semi finals , third place and final .


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The three south American countries will held the first game of their respective national teams. It means that if any of them is in group A, maybe the opening game will be there. In Portugal we will have 2/3 stadiums with capability for a world cup. One semi-final will be in Lisbon and quarter-final maybe Lisbon/ Porto, one in Morocco and the others in Madrid/ Barcelona/ Seville


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It's getting way too crowded (48 teams), with way too many games (104), and too all over the place (3 continents, 6 host countries!).

The World Cup used to be an exclusive event for the very best, or at least almost all of them. Hosting it was a huge honor for one country, even if it was obtained controversially, like in 1978 or 2022.

Just like with the Euros, increasing the number of teams and having multiple hosts destroys the event's spirit and unicity. Not to mention the terrible logistics teams have to go through as they advance in the tournament and must constantly travel and relocate. All these changes are 100% for the money, not for the players or the fans.

Maybe I'm old-fashioned and stuck in my ways, having grown up with WC tournaments like Italia 90, and USA 94, but I feel football has sold it's soul for TV rights and merchandise and the ones who took these decisions expect us to turn on, tune in, and pretend nothing's changed.


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All six host nations will qualify for the World Cup 30 ( ESP-POR-MAR-URU-ARG-PAR ) .

Potential venues stadiums :

Montevideo Uruguay
Buenos Aires Argentina
Luque Paraguay

Barcelona ( 2 stadiums )
Madrid ( 2 stadiums )
La Coruna
San Sebastian
Las Palmas ( Canarias )

Lisbon ( 2 stadiums )

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This new format necessarily leads to a redesigned calendar. The latter “will be specifically adapted to allow teams participating in the commemorative matches to benefit from additional days to travel, recover, acclimatize and prepare for their following matches,” specifies FIFA.

"The envisaged schedule would allow approximately 11-12 days for the six teams playing in South America to travel and recover, and approximately 5-6 days for the other six teams in these groups and all other participating teams," adds the instance

Given the 48-team format and the relocation of three matches, the competition could last five and a half weeks rather than four. Here is an example of possible dates for such a calendar:

Saturday-Sunday June 8-9, 2030: centenary celebration ceremony and first matches for Uruguay (in Montevideo), Argentina (at home) and Paraguay (at home)

Thursday-Friday June 13-14, 2030: opening ceremony and match(es) of the 2030 World Cup

Saturday-Sunday June 15-16, 2030: first matches of the other teams in the groups of Uruguay, Argentina and Paraguay.

Friday-Saturday June 21-22, 2030: second matches for all teams in the Uruguay, Argentina and Paraguay groups.

Saturday July 21, 2030: 2030 FIFA World Cup final

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