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FENERBAHÇE Panini Club Album


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Finally out and on sale. A preliminary image of the Starter Pack :


This is what i know so far :

- Number of stickers : 150
- There are player specific pages like most of Panini club albums.
- There is a starter pack as you see which is the album + 4 packs, a sticker multi pack of 5 packs, and the usual box of 50 sticker packs.
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I dont know the content yet but from the image i can see one good thing; despite being just a loan player my favorite Markovic is in. Fifa 365 had missed him.


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I know some guy which is very happy today^^

I was in the stadium in Istanbul for Kasimpasa-Fenerbahce in last september; you won 1-0. Your fans were fantastic ;-)
finally we have team album like Bayern,Arsenal..etc

i talked with panini turkey, they told me, ''demand is very high''.

its good thing for next year :)


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Thanks for these information and the video!
I'm really interested in these collection :) I sent you a message to see If you can adquire one for me to make a swap ;)