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Each member of this site who wants to swap stickers, cards or whatever by using the site, needs to have a feedback topic.

If you do not have a feedback topic, create one. If a user who you are trading with does not have a feedback topic, inform him to create one, otherwise, do not trade with him/her.
  • Create a topic with your username. For instance my username is Pavle, so my feedback topic will be "Pavle´s Feedback".
  • 1 topic per member only!
  • Leave positive, neutral or negative feedback
  • Positive feedback is left when you complete a trade without any problem.
  • Negative feedback is left when you DO NOT RECEIVE item from a member or the items received are different then what was arranged.
  • Neutral feedback is left only if item is slightly different in quality/condition then the one arranged.
Once again : One topic per member, do not trade with person who does not want to create a feedback topic, be honest when giving feedback.
Not open for further replies.
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