FC Copenhagen cards / stickers / metal tags


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I am looking for FC Copenhagen cards / stickers / metal tags of FC Copenhagen.

I am pretty sure, that I got the regular Panini & Topps CL 2010/11, CL 13/14, 16/17 and Fifa 365 cards and stickers covered. But if some special versions from other countries exist, I am very interested. For example the Soccer Stars from Greece.

Basically anything distributed outside of Denmark have my interest. Please let me know, if you have any cards, stickers or metal tags of that kind. I am also interested in any info on cards/stickers like that for futher research.

And by the way, does anybody know how many cards exits of the Panini CL 2013/14 nordic edition signed version? I know the exitstence of Wiland Danmarksmester, Jørgensen Danmarksmester and Mellberg Scandinavian Star, but does any more exits?

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Thanks a lot.

I do collect Copenhagen in UCL Showcase. I have most of the base, gold and red versions, but if you find any orange, black /5 or Champions 1/1 I am very interested.

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