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Not wanting to sound like a smartass (damn I always sound like a smartass, dont I?). But as @dantzig mentioned, few years back, I had a horrible experience and lost tons of money. However this led to me creating this website. Full story is on our blog in case someone is interested. Certainly not one of my best articles, but the story should be more important then my newbie writing style at that time.


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What I hate the most from sellers be it on private sites or e-bay is the lack of communication and common courtesy.

Take Makscollection for example, they are the bloody worst. I send an email to them yesterday about an order to see if it was sent, they end up sending me a full Polish update that I had to google and it said "ready to ship".
Noone addressed me or even typed a word, just a generic email. Piss off, that is it for me with them.
Basic way of dealing with others it to communicate and say what's on your mind, if you can't do that you can't have a conversation/deal with an animal never mind another human being.

Why I mentioned that ? Because FanTop/Wojtek always took the time to reply to me. Every email, every communication, he replied. He didn't just send an email with bunch of useless info like Maks did.

I am still amazed that he treated some of you lads badly, esp @Andy.

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