Facebook and EBAY Group Seller References


Hello!. I'm sorry, I ask Cardz Review members for help, so I have two doubts to make some purchases and I want to make sure before

I have subscribed to Panini groups on Facebook.

I have never bought on Facebook Groups, if you have any advice when buying on Facebook Groups, I would greatly appreciate it!

I want to buy some items from a member of this group who is also an administrator.
Album Figurine D.o.c.
Davide Poggi

...¿Does anyone have references to him or has he bought items?

And also from this Ebay seller from Romania:
Grasnette (ROMANIA)

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The first advice I would give - try your most to not get scammed!!!! Because the seller doesn't need much to create an offer, there are LOTS of scammers out there!! You can trust no one these days… With the rise of advertisements, firstly, I thought it’ll be easier to find good and reliable products, but it has all turned around vice versa. Then, at some point you could have checked the quality of the product by views or likes it got. If the service had lots of followers it served as a reliability… Now, literally everything can be bought! You could buy any amount of cheap facebook likes to your post, and it wouldn't be a hard thing!!
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On Ebay you are protected by the 'Ebay buyer protection'. For other channels my only advice is 'never send money via PayPal with the option friend and family if you don't know the seller' and of course no bank transfer or cash payments. If you have to pay a little more for the Paypal protection (option merchandise) then pay it, if the seller insists in friend and family option then let him know that you will pay the extra fees but don't buy if he doesn't agree.

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