Euro 2016 Adrenalyn XL Online Game


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I was wondering if any of you guys also played the mobile game which goes along with collecting the cards?

If so I have created a private league which any of your are welcome to join. The details are;

Group Name: CardzReview
Group ID: 2181
Password: Euro2016

I was also wondering if anyone could help me with level 20 on the single player (Sweden).

I'm having alot of trouble fielding an eligible team. I have no team mates and no time machines in my team, which is the restrictions. I have also made sure none of my players are of the same nationality incase that was the problem.

I have attached pictures of my line up and the restrictions.

Also if anyone has any codes they are not gonna use I will happily take them. Sorry for multiple posts.


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Welcome :)

Merged the posts and changed the title to "Online Game"... Don't know anything about this, but hopefully someone here can help you.

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