EURO 2004 Panini Danmark team mini stickers


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Can anyone explain whats the story about Danmark team?
Recently I bought empty album and stickers set, filled the album, but Danmark team page has a place for 10 players, those are smaller then usual stickers.
I havent found any official stickers offer on ebay, just photocopies of Paniniclub, Bosnia.


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Probably a problem of right between Panini and DBU

This is a very good production , but not original by Panini , i think doesn't exist by Panini .



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Just like @Suisse wrote, there's no official stickers from Panini. England and Denmark are non-official stickers (you can see Panini used the same "tracksuit template" for every player) and Denmark even has only 9 players and no team stickers. Don't know the story too, but I would say Panini couldn't even get the image rights from those danish players or the permission didn't arrive on time.

This was not the first time, Panini also couldn't publish three english players in France 98 (plus Iran team)... Actually, I have the idea this is NOT the official sticker album, it's something from Merlin(?).

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