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Great new from Italy!

An amateur has printed a very nice album about the Euro Cup 1976, with semi-finals and finals played in Jugoslavia. I sayed amateur because (of course, how could be?) is not official but on my opinion is a really good quality and mainly with all teams who played the qualifications including Malta, Cyprus, etc

Now I'm in Suisse for the Comics Expo of Lugano, next week I will post more news and all pics

Not all teams has same amount of stickers, but anyway I like (and mainly, does not exist any official one about Euro Cup before 1980); the album is sold empty + full set with around 500 stickers

Not numbered but printed in not so many copies; for any further info you can contact me at and I will forward to the producer. I should have anyway copies to sell, also taking part at same expo before end of year (Lucca Comics&Games, Bologna, Reggio Emilia)

here a little taste of what I'm talking about ;)

yug 1.jpg yug 2.jpg yug 3.jpg
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Nice pictures Caniggia , thanks :cool: , this album is like my album Uruguay 1930 not official of course but really good quality ;):cool:

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I do not know if there will be a company that can negotiate the rights with FIFA and UEFA, but it would be great to issue sticker albums for all previous World Cups and Euros retrospectively: with the right players (and also correctly spelled!) that actually took part in the tournament, with the coaches that led the teams at the tournaments, and maybe a special Team of the Tournament section ;)
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